hey 👋

this is *sushant*
coder. entrepreneuer. bitcoiner.

about me 👻

i like to build new cutting edge stuff. i love learning new things. coding is passion for me. when i'm not doing anything you can find me building some random stuff. python is my favourite language, though i'm fluent in english and hindi as well.
if you need help with anything that's challenging, feel free to reach to me at [email protected]

 products  stuff that i built



co-founded azuro in 2015, which is currently india's largest property management and rental company. it got acquired in 2020 by squareyards. i was primarily responsible for the tech aspects in azuro and i helped scale the operations by creating tech solutions around them.



created thoughts app a few days of after the release of GPT3 API. the app could generate tweets on any word that user gave it. tweets which were almost indistinguisable from human tweets!