Sushant Kumar

I currently lead the AI/ML initiatives at SquareYards.

I'm a full-stack engineer with a focus on AI and have a strong background in developing and deploying apps with RAGs, Knowledge Graphs, LLMs, Diffusion, LoRAs, and fine-tuning open-source models.

  • Experienced with setting up RAG pipelines, Langchain flow, LlamaIndex, fine-tuned open-source models such as Llama2, Mistral
  • Fine-tuned Diffusion models for Real Estate image generation, staging and interior design using LoRAs
  • Built multiple products in the generative AI space such as Insyte AI, Taskaid AI, Instamagic AI

Senior Vice President, Head AI-ML


Jan 2020 - Present

Leading AI-ML initiatives at Squareyards ($900M+ valuation) across various business units such as Sales, Mortgages, Rentals, Property management and interior design

  • AI Phone Agents: Prototyped an AI-voice based caller for lead qualification leveraging Twilio API, Whisper ASR, TTS and LLMs for real-time response generation
  • AI Chatbot: Developed LLM-based chatbots leveraging RAG on vector databases for providing better search results and lead generation
  • Content Generation: Built RAG-based LLMs for generating real estate blog posts by digesting content from other media outlets
  • Image Classification: Fine-tuned InceptionV3 and XCeption models for classification of real estate images to categories such as Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen



Aug 2015 - Dec 2019

Co-founded Azuro, real estate tech company for end-to-end services for home owners and tenants. Raised $1M+ in funding from VCs such as Kae Capital, Mumbai Angels & White Unicorn Ventures

  • Product Development: Led & streamlined functions across marketing, design & engineering teams; more than 3,000+ residential properties under management
  • Lead Generation: Built a model for predicting the probability of a lead converting to a customer using XGBoost and LLMs
  • Property Management: Built a model for predicting the probability of a tenant vacating the property using time series analysis and LLMs

Team Leader

Bank of America

Jul 2014 - Jun 2015

Among the 2 incoming analyst, who were fast-tracked to Team Leaders in Asia-Pacific FX desks (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney & Singapore) and had cleared CFA Level 1 in the final year of undergraduate study

  • Risk Management: Liaised with Sales & Traders of APAC region, Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong teams to mitigate spot & forward risk positions in Asian currencies
  • Automation: Automated End-of-Day checks with MS-Excel macros by reviewing some recent academic papers; reducing manual errors to less than a half